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Leverage next-gen partner tech

We decided to rethink core PRM features and make them more partner-centric.

If you have a PRM, we give it superpowers. If you don’t, we give you superpowers.

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Fully customizable pre-built automations text

Fully customizable pre-built automations

Don’t know where to start? Adopt winning strategies, templates, and tactics used by high-growth SaaS companies. Our pre-built messaging flows can easily be customized and will have your partners raving.

  • Onboarding
  • Enablement
  • Training
  • Nurturing
  • Updates
  • Co-Selling
  • Check-in
  • NPS
  • Recognition
  • Inactivity
  • Portal adoption
  • ...

Take your partner experience to the next level

1. Engage your partners via the channels they love

Partners don’t log into your portal? Communicate via the channels they use every day.

2. Craft experiences catered to each partner

Ditch one-size-fits-all newsletters. Send the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

3. Automate repetitive interactions and reclaim your time

Ever feel like it’s impossible to keep up? Automate tedious tasks within clicks.

Connect your tools and achieve more

Easily connect Superglue with your existing tools and get them to work together to accomplish so much more.

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There's a better way. It's Superglue.

We guide you, your AEs, and your partners through the co-selling process using workflow automations.

Automate repetitive tasks in your partner workflows.

Our workflow builder lets you set up automated actions that are triggered by deal updates in your partner tech stack (CRM, Crossbeam or Reveal, PRM).

  • Notify partner managers when partners or deals need attention.
  • Let partner managers trigger pre-drafted, AI-powered emails.
  • Tell your AEs when partners can help source and close deals.

Get your AEs to follow your co-selling process - without having to train them.

Our automated Slack alerts not only tell your AEs when partners can help them with deals - We also make it easy for them to ask for your help in engaging a partner and moving a deal forward.

Get access to over 30 pre-built partner automation workflows.

Our partner automation blueprints give you a best-practice structure to follow for all parts of your partner program including onboarding, enablement, nurturing, portal adoption, co-selling, and more - so you can automate more of your partner process, while still delivering a personalized experience for your partners.

Get up and running in 30 minutes

1. Connect

Link Superglue to Salesforce, your PRM, Crossbeam, Reveal, Slack, and other tech.

2. Configure

Create engagement journeys from proven blueprints or just build your own from scratch.

3. Engage

Scale hyper-personalized partner experiences and drive more revenue, faster.

What people are s aying

Eddie Patzsch
Co-Founder - PartnerPortal.io

Superglue is the real deal!

Allen Smolinski
Consultant - Digital Bridge Partners

Fastest integration I have ever installed!! That was a sub 5 minute process.

Chris Lavoie
BizDev and Partnerships - Arrive

Superglue is tackling some of the most complex elements of partner program development, and early adopters will get on the fast-track to sustainable program growth.

Kristine Stewart
Ecosystem/Partner Evangelist

Love this product!

Brian Jambor
VP, Global Partnerships - Uberall

A few reasons why we're using Superglue in our partner ecosystem at Uberall: 1) it's built for partner ecosystems and the specific needs of PAMs, 2) it's super fast to set up, 3) it guides PAMs and helps them prioritize, 4) it's scalable to thousands of partners, and 5) it lives and enables PAMs where they already spend much of their time: in Slack!

Bernhard Friedrichs
Founder - PartnerXperience

New generations of successful partner tools, such as Superglue, have emerged to support companies in onboarding, enabling, managing, evaluating, and rewarding partner relations. Giving them more control over the partner life-cycle and improving the overall partner experience.

Jess Waldeck
Former CRO - Crossbeam

Superglue enables partnership teams to create hyper-personalized partner experiences at scale. It is a game changer for partnership teams looking to scale co-selling, maximize partner-led revenue, and grow their ecosystem.

Graeme Byrd
Strategic Partnership Manager - Whip Around

Superglue is addressing a major need in the partnership tech stack - helping partner managers build relationships by leveraging automation. More engagement leads to more opportunities for everyone.

Anne Augusta Blum
Head of Platform - Angular Ventures & Former Mobile Developer Partnerships Associate - Facebook

Superglue is a game changer for partnership teams looking to scale their ecosystem.

Al Harnisch
Head of Partnerships - OneSignal & Former VP of BD - Radar

I saw a ton of value as a beta customer and look forward to seeing how Superglue continues to foster scale and time savings for companies investing in their partner strategy.

Isabel Milbert
Head of Partnerships - optilyz

Superglue helps us do more with less. We use the platform to engage our long tail partners in a more scalable yet personal manner.

Will Taylor
Head of Partnerships - PartnerHacker

There are tools that can help out with bringing the human element into automation and still scale, like Superglue!

Daniel Lancioni
Global Senior Director, Partnerships - Reveal

I bloody love what Superglue are doing!

David Peterson
Former Head of Growth & Partnerships - Airtable

Superglue lets you achieve (much) more with less. I also love how well it complements other partner tech, like PRMs and account mapping platforms.

Felix Schirl
CEO - trbo

I love what Superglue is up to. Their platform makes it so much easier to build partnerships at scale.

Ben Wright, <font-weight-400>Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development<font-weight-400>

Ben Wright
Founder - Partner Fuel & Former Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development - Help Scout

I love what Rob Rebholz is building at Superglue. You all should check it out.

Chris Murray, <font-weight-400>VP Partnership<font-weight-400>

Chris Murray
VP Partnerships - Lead Forensics

The Superglue product is amazing. It’s enabling us to automate so many of those manual partner touchpoints, freeing up hours of time where we can focus on growing our partner channel.

Chris Samila, <font-weight-400>Co-Founder<font-weight-400>

Chris Samila
Co-Founder & Chief Partnership Officer - Partnership Leaders

Superglue is doing some really fascinating stuff with creating workflows for automation to help the partner teams in a more automated fashion so they don't have to spend as much time on manual processes.

Allan Adler, <font-weight-400>Managing Partner<font-weight-400>

Allan Adler
Managing Partner - Digital Bridge Partners

Ever want to mass customize partner engagement - where automation (doing things at scale) meets personalization (designing an individual partner experience). Check out how Superglue is making that happen.

Jay McBain, <font-weight-400>Chief Analyst<font-weight-400>

Jay McBain
Chief Analyst Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems - Canalys

Automation has become the #1 growth opportunity in the entire industry.

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