Creating a programmatic co-selling setup in 30 minutes (Crossbeam)

So you've got Crossbeam (or Reveal) up-and-running. Both tools are awesome. But what next?

Do you start manually reaching out to people to ask for intros? Sure, if you’ve got all the time in the world. I’m guessing you don’t though.

There’s an easier way. Setting up programmatic co-selling with Superglue is much easier than you think – in fact, it should only take about 30 minutes.

First, connect your tools, integrating Crossbeam, Gmail, Slack, Salesforce etc.

Next, configure your trigger. With Crossbeam, for example, it’s an overlap. Each trigger will set off a different play. Think about additional segmentation here.

Once your trigger is configured (poetic, yes?), map out your touchpoints. These can be emails, tasks, Slack notifications...

Next, draft your messaging. Remember – short, concise, one message per mail. 

You’re ready to go live! You can manage your programmatic workflow from Slack. Cool, right?

With the right programmatic partner engagement setup, you can maximize your reach and start to build hundreds of solid relationships in your partner ecosystem. Programmatic partner engagement solves a lot of seriously tricky problems facing partnership teams in the current SaaS environment. But with a few simple steps, those revenue targets are well within reach. 

Go forth and prosper!

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