Crossbeam vs. Reveal: The ultimate partner account mapping showdown

Crossbeam and Reveal are super powerful tools that should be in every PAM’s arsenal if you’re looking to drive partner-sourced revenue at scale. 

But which takes the top spot as the ultimate tool of titans? 

Grab your notebook and crank up your standing desk, because we’re about to take a flying leap into the thrilling world of account mapping platforms. 

Ready? Let’s go!

Account mapping - the lowdown before the showdown

Account mapping refers to the process of identifying and mapping out the web of inter-organizational relationships in your partnership ecosystem to identify overlaps, potential co-selling opportunities, and key contacts. It’s a foundational step in the co-selling process that, if done correctly, allows you to 10X your efficiency, capitalize on opportunities and ultimately deliver more value to your shared customers and prospects. 

Here’s the T: if you want to co-sell successfully, you have to get really, really good at account mapping. Because without good account mapping, you can’t see the overlaps, and without the overlaps, you can’t drive that sweet, sweet revenue. And that’s no good!

Good account mapping is a big job, involving a huge amount of data. If you don’t automate the process, you’re going to be really limited. 

The solution? 

Enter Crossbeam and Reveal.

Crossbeam vs. Reveal

If you want to drive partner-sourced revenue at scale, there’s no way around account mapping tools like Crossbeam and Reveal. These are the big guns – the tools that are going to allow you to do waaaay more with waaaay less.

The days of spreadsheets being sent around should be over. With these tools available to you, why would you want to do it manually anyway? It’s like fighting with one hand tied behind your back or eating old yoghurt – generally a bad idea. 

Almost all our customers at Superglue leverage co-selling extensively, using Superglue as a co-selling orchestration tool. So we’ve learned a few things over the years, both from our own experience and from speaking to our customers. 

Here’s a high-level comparative analysis of Crossbeam and Reveal. We’ve put it into bullet points because bullet points mean business.

Crossbeam – An Ecosystem-Led Growth Platform

  • Massive scale. We’re talking the biggest network of connected companies in the world (18,000+).
  • Very strong when it comes to Enterprise – most supernodes are on their platform. 
  • Very strong customization capabilities. 
  • They acquired Partnerized, which turned into Sales Edge, allowing them to build a great co-sell tool for AEs.
  • Longer legacy and more experience driving customer success.

Reveal – A Nearbound Revenue Platform

  • Super strong network of 12,000+ companies, with a strong European footprint.
  • Inventor and leader of the “Nearbound” GTM concept and category.
  • Excellent product team and powerful UX/UI. They have a notoriously fast feature release mechanism, with some really cool features rolling out to enable sellers.
  • Known for quality of care, support, and service.
  • Transparent and scalable pricing with lower entry point.

Cool, so which one should I be using?

Here’s the truth: you can’t really go wrong with either. We love both these tools, and we think they’re absolutely mission-critical for unlocking the revenue potential of your partner ecosystems.

In fact, you don’t really even have to choose in the first place! You could (and possibly should) use both, but make sure you use them the right way. 

Implementing an automated account mapping tool is just the beginning. 

The real work is finding a way to turn those overlaps into revenue, and this means building processes and workflows that leverage opportunities, engage your partners, add value to your AEs and drive deals forward.

Like selling, co-selling has its own playbook of proven tactics, best practices and known, effective ways to leverage automated account mapping and drive success programmatically. 

And you know what they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But you can tweak it to meet your particular needs, partners and prerequisites. 

A great place to start is our blog post on "How to build a co-selling revenue engine". That’ll set you well on your way to supercharged co-selling success!

And if you want to drive an impact in weeks, not months or years, it’s time to consider Superglue. 

Supercharge your co-selling with Superglue

Co-selling at scale is a complex business, but there’s no need for you to do backflips trying to figure it out. We’ve built a tool for that! 

From co-ordinating an intro to making a referral and then orchestrating all stakeholders during the co-sell process, Superglue centralizes the overlap data from your account mapping platforms of choice, then applies powerful automation and AI capabilities to scale partner-sourced revenue by engaging key stakeholders, then KEEPING THEM ENGAGED, all the way through to close and beyond!

What do you get out of the deal?

  • Higher closer rates
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Bigger deals
  • And, most importantly, happier partners who will source more deals for you!

Sound good? It IS good.

But we might be biased, so you should really check it out for yourself. 

Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you around. 

You’ve got nothing to lose (except possibly millions of dollars worth of partner-sourced revenue, but hey, who’s counting…).

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