Talon.One automates partner engagement & co-selling

Talon.One’s partner team is always looking for ways to become more effective, create better partner experience, and ultimately drive more revenue. They implemented Superglue within hours to not only eliminate tedious manual tasks but help the partner team as well as their AEs become more data-driven and focused on key touchpoints that drive partner revenue. 

“After screening the market we realized that Superglue is the only tool that not just leverages all available data but then lets us easily build sophisticated workflows that give our team superpowers.”

- Thorunn Devoy, VP of Partnerships

The customer

Talon.One is the world's most powerful promotion software. Talon.One is an enterprise-grade promotion and loyalty solution on a mission to streamline how brands scale their incentive campaigns.

The partner program

The 10-person partner team works with hundreds of Technology and Solution partners in the US, Europe, and beyond. The team already leverages a PRM (Magentrix) as well as account mapping software (Crossbeam) though those tools were used in an isolated manner. 

The challenge

The partner team spends a lot of time manually onboarding, engaging, and co-selling with partners. That’s why they tried tweaking their sales engagement software (Outreach) to make it work for the partner team. The issue however was that prospecting software is built to generate meetings. What the team really needed were smart automated triggers that help prioritize the right relationships, internal enablement workflows that make it effortless for their AEs to work with partners, and engagement journeys that keep partners nurtured and excited. The ultimate goal is to activate more partners, generate more referrals, and close more deals. 

The solution

Superglue is a partner activation and co-sell orchestration platform that helps SaaS companies drive predictable revenue by...

  • Boosting partner managers' productivity and expanding their reach.
  • Activating more people in their ecosystem and sourcing more leads.
  • Scaling co-selling and enabling their own reps to easily work with partners.
  • Driving portal adoption.
  • Improving the partner experience and building trust.


Integrating Superglue with Salesforce, Slack, Gmail, and Crossbeam took less than 30 minutes. Talon.One then went live with its first automation within days. 

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